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Created in 1930, The Ahwahnee Hotel Golf Course was a 9-hole pitch and putt course set in the meadows south of the hotel. Players were given a 9-iron, putter, and a ball. It was very popular during WW2 where convalescing service members staying at the hotel played up to 200 rounds a day. The course lasted until 1980 when it was shut down and nature was allowed to reclaim the meadows. The former putting green is now the location of the Wedding Lawn at The Ahwahnee Hotel, used for special events.


These balls are likely from the 1950s and have the iconic icon of The Ahwanee Hotel along with the Yosemite Park indication. If you're interested in only one, indicate if you'd like the ball with "1" or "4".

Vintage The Ahwahnee Hotel Yosemite Park Golf Course Balls

  • Yellowing from age. Each ball has several marks "smilies" from it actually being played. Please see photos for exact condition.

  • They're golf balls.

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