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​How Do I Place an Order?


We bet you can figure it out, so if you're reading this, you're probably having a problem with the site or interested in making an offer that's different from the display price. In either case, or anything else you might want to ask, please contact us via the Contact form.

Can I Make an Offer That's Less?

Doesn't hurt to ask, but you may start to annoy us if you offer really low or go back and forth a lot. Please see our About page for how we do our pricing.


​Are My Orders and Payments Secure?


Our ordering and payment system is through our website provider (Wix) and they are rock solid and reputable. We have no idea what your credit card number is, so we can't go on our own shopping spree with it. Buy with confidence.

How Do I Pay and Get Items Shipped?


We accept major credit cards and PayPal. As payment methods evolve, we're sure to offer more ways, so you'll see what they are when you check out. Shipping within the United States is always free (well, let's just say it's included in the price). For international destinations, please use our Contact form, let us know your address, and we'll let you know the cost. There's a good chance we'll send it free anyway.

Can I Return an Item and Get a Refund?


We're not a fan, so please consider all sales final. We describe the items accurately and completely, indicating all condition flaws and wear. All items are vintage, used, and will show age.


Privacy Policy


Our site is powered by Wix and we inherit their privacy policy.

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