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"Black Beetles in Amber" is a collection of over 100 poems published in 1892. This is a first edition and has an Ex Libris label for James D. Phelan who was a colorful mayor of San Francisco and US Senator. In fact, the poem in this book, The Last Man, includes Phelan in the prose: "Jim Phelan, who was thought to know a thing or two of land which rose but never sank?" Not sure what he was getting at, but I think it was a sick dig. The two characters often publicly feuded as evidenced by this letter to the San Francisco Examiner by Bierce.

1892 First Edition Ambrose Bierce Book Owned By James Phelan

  • Fair with browning of pages, loose binding, tear in last page, and heavy wear on the cover. Very readable without worry of causing any damage. Please see photos for exact condition.

  • 5 3/4" x 8"

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